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Architecture, Engineering, & Construction

Your mouse is now your most powerful measuring tape!

  • Collaborate with contractors - share current site conditions

  • Perform remote inspections and walkthroughs

  • Reduce construction costs by saving time & site visits

  • Integrate into AutoCAD, 360 BIM, Revit

  • Virtually reach difficult to access areas like crawl spaces, trusses and ceiling beams

  • Document location of plumbing, electrical, & framing before finish work

  • Replaces thousands of photos by capturing all imagery and data at once - eliminate the need to arrange and label photographs

Real Estate
Real Estate

More than just tours!

Create automatic assets for your listing.

  • Tag items virtually to highlight unique features of your property

  • Save time & site visits -let the digital twin provide answers to client inquiries 

  • Allow remote inspections & walkthroughs

  • Accurately capture the condition of the property in case of disputes

  • Answer questions about measurements & layout off-site

  • Visualize furniture & decor before closing

Hospitality & Vacation Rentals

More than just tours!

Create automatic assets for your listing.

  • Increase bookings and occupancy

  • Document the condition of your property and possessions accurately in case of insurance claims or disputes

  • Tag useful items in the digital twin to highlight unique features of your property

  • Tag your scan with check-in and check-out instructions. Leave nothing to chance!


Your home is your biggest asset, see its value grow with a digital twin

  • See your home in a new light - enjoy your investment, virtually

  • Accurately document your possessions & property for insurance and emergency preparedness

  • Use precise measurements for design & improvement projects

  • Preserve memories & share your home with family from afar

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